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10 Benefits of Jumping Rope

Jumping rope – does that do any good? This old-school workout tool offers an inexpensive, portable form of cardio and full-body strengthening. And it can help you get an intense, sweaty workout without having to leave the house, making it a great option when we don’t have a lot of time to work out

Plus, jumping rope can provide a number of important athletic benefits, from coordination to explosive power to agility. And best of all, it’s a lot more fun than running.

So it’s no wonder jumping rope is gaining in popularity, especially after these pandemic years

Before we delve into the benefits of jumping rope, here are some more things you should know about this type of exercise.

Saltar a la comba tiene muchos beneficios.

Skipping rope is a form of exercise that involves swinging a rope around the body and jumping over it as it passes under the feet. It is a form of cardiovascular training, as the constant motion raises the heart rate.

The basic concept of jumping rope is simple. But depending on your fitness goals, there are many different ways to use your rope.

Some people, for example, jump rope at a fast pace as a way to train speed and agility, while others focus on jumping movements to develop explosive power. Still others use the jump rope as a creative outlet by experimenting with more unique movements, such as dancing.

Of course, how you handle the rope is entirely up to you. And while jumping rope can be a great workout on its own, you can also use it as a warm-up or cool-down before weight training, or intersperse it with bodyweight exercises in a workout of calisthenics.

Cómo empezar a saltar a la comba.

Jumping rope doesn’t require basic knowledge. All you need is a rope of the right size, an appropriate surface, comfortable clothing and a little beginner’s knowledge of proper form.

Here’s how to make sure your rope is the right size: Grab a handle with each hand, put one foot in the center of the rope and pull the handles up to your chest so they are even with each other. If the top of the handles reach your armpits, the rope is the right size. If they are too short, you need a longer rope. If they are too long, you can adjust the length by playing with the locking device inside the handle (many jump ropes have this), or by tying a sturdy knot under the handles on each side of the rope.

Avoid jumping rope on super hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, as they can be hard on your joints. Super-soft surfaces, such as grass and sand, are also not good, as they do not provide enough thrust (Also, the rope is likely to get tangled in the grass and sand)

There are also specialized mats or mats for jumping rope. You can purchase a specialized jump rope mat or simply use a thin yoga mat. Jumping on a mat helps to soften the impact on the joints. You can also jump on wood or any type of gym floor.

As for clothing, regular sneakers are totally fine and any clothes you have that are comfortable and not too baggy (so they don’t snag on the rope) will work well.

Beneficios físicos de saltar a la comba.

1- It’s an effective cardio exercise

If you’re looking for an effective cardio option, an alternative to boring treadmills, jumping rope is perfect for you

Jumping rope is a vigorous-intensity activity, and one minute of vigorous-intensity activity is the same as two minutes of moderate-intensity activity (which includes things like brisk walking or partner tennis) in terms of health benefits (e.g., reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes). This means you can incorporate a jump rope workout into your routine to get the same benefits as moderate-intensity activity in about half the time.

2- Strengthens and activates your muscles

Jumping rope strengthens the entire body. The movement focuses especially on the legs, (calves, quads and hamstrings, as well as the muscles of the feet and ankles). And it also works the core, biceps and shoulder.

3- Improve your agility

The correct way to jump rope involves moving from the tips of your toes, and that helps develop good footwork and agility. This benefit of jumping rope translates especially well in sports where you have to change direction very quickly (It is one of the fundamental exercises for boxers for a reason)

If you practice any other sport, be it soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis or any other sport, jumping rope will help you improve in that sport as well

4- Improves coordination

Jumping rope requires a lot of coordination. Your hands, feet, and sometimes even your eyes have to work together to make sure you move the rope correctly, jump over it at the right time, and then repeat the pattern with a steady cadence

This high level of coordination may seem like a big challenge at first, but stick with it and you’ll see your basic skills improve. As this happens, you’ll be able to tackle new footwork patterns and tricks with the skipping rope, which will help you stay motivated and keep improving.

5- Improve your balance

Jumping rope can be an effective way to boost your balance. A small 2015 study of youth soccer players concluded that jumping rope as part of a regular soccer program can be an additional method of improving balance (as well as motor coordination)

As the study explains, when you jump rope, you have to re-establish balance between each jump, and you also need good balance to jump again effectively. Other research concludes that lower muscle power (which you can train by jumping) may correlate with greater agility and, therefore, better balance

You can also do certain exercises with the jump rope – such as jumping with only one foot or jumping from side to side – to further challenge your balance.

6- Work on strength and explosiveness

Once you’ve mastered the basic jumping rope technique, you can try moves like the double low. Doing a low double requires a stronger, higher jump, which means practicing this move can be a good way to increase your explosive power. That, in turn, can serve you well in sports like basketball, where vertical jumps are really important.

7- Improves bone density

Jumping rope can help build bone density as a result of the impact of jumping, says Dr. Nwachukwu. In fact, a small 2015 study of premenopausal women showed that jumping rope can improve bone mineral density in the hip

This is important because bone density tends to decrease with age, Dr. Nwachukwu explains, which can lead to conditions such as osteomalacia (pronounced softening of the bones) and osteoporosis, and predispose to fractures. By increasing bone density through activities such as jumping rope, you can reduce your risk of these problems, he says.

Beneficios mentales de saltar a la comba.

1- Improve your spatial awareness

Jumping rope regularly can improve your spatial awareness. This is because, when you jump rope, you have to constantly be aware of what’s in front, behind and to the sides, especially if you’re in a small space; otherwise, you could hit nearby objects with the rope

The improved spatial awareness that comes from jumping rope can definitely make you a better athlete. There are many scenarios where being aware of space and being able to be agile can be very beneficial.

2- You can meditate while jumping

Although jumping rope is an intense exercise, it is a perfect opportunity to practice meditation. You can close your eyes and pay attention to the sound of your rope, the number of jumps or whatever you consider important

Meditation is the practice par excellence to reduce stress and combat anxiety and doing it while jumping rope will provide you with even more benefits

3- It is a fun activity

Jumping rope, and the whole body coordination it requires, can be challenging at first. But with consistency, you will improve your skills quickly and once that happens, it becomes a very entertaining and motivating activity

Maybe it makes you feel like a carefree kid again. Maybe you’ll find motivation in learning new tricks. Or maybe you’ll fall in love with its meditative qualities.

Few exercises offer so much for so little. Skipping rope is one of the most accessible, fun and beneficial exercises that almost anyone can do

As with any physical activity, remember that you need to consult with your doctor before you start, especially if you have any type of injury, illness or are pregnant.

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